Errata Windfall

ERRATA - WINDFALL by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton


Yarn Requirements:
7 (8, 9, 10) balls of Wisdom Yarns Poems
2 (3, 3, 4) balls of Wisdom Yarns Poems Silk Solids


In the Yoke section, after Dec Row 2, original pattern states:

Work Rows 2-14 of patt once, then rep Rows 1-5 of patt once more.

Instead, this should read: Work Rows 2-5 of pattern.



Twisted Rib Pattern

Rows 1 & 2 are correct as written.

(Rows 3 & 4 are the two pattern rows that need to be repeated throughout).

Row 3 (RS): * Reaching behind the first st on LH ndl, knit second st, then knit first st and pull both sts off ndl at the same time, drop yo from row below, 1 yo; rep from * end with knit second st on LH ndl, then first st.

Row 4 (WS): Rep Row 2.

Rep Rows 3 & 4 for patt.