There are painters and crafters on both sides of her family, but Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton has applied her talent in combining colors and structure to designing handknits.

Tuttle Hamilton’s artistic background began when she was given a Brownie camera by her father at age seven. Those early years of experimenting with light and composition helped set the tone for the structural positive/negative spacial interest of her present work using knitting as her medium.

Fiber crafting became her focus in her teens and at 16 she began to sell her macramé jewelry. From there she never looked back! A true multi-crafter she is proficient at embroidery, macramé and crochet but finally settled on handknitting at the age of 22. It was in New York where she developed her talent during the early 80’s and started her business. There she designed for the knitting magazines and a private clientele as well as sold her handknits to better boutiques in Manhattan. The high point of her time in NY was a handknit collection under her own label that was sold to select boutiques in 20 states from Florida to Alaska. 

The move over the Atlantic to Mariefred, Sweden in 1986 would give her the peace and harmony to raise a family and develop her business and artistic creativity even further. Over the years, Cornelia has tried to work as a knitting ambassador of sorts and has written numerous articles on Swedish knitters and knitting. She has 14 pattern books to her name, including Noro: Meet the Man was published by Soho Publishing in the fall of 2009. In 2014 she introduced a revolutionary new technique for working geometric opening in knitting without having to break the yarn which she calls DropStitch Openwork™.

With her and business and personal ties to Sweden intact, Cornelia now divides her time between Mariefred and  Atlanta designing and attending to her yarn line, Heaven’s Hand