Liljelund Revisited - History of a stitch pattern

The allover stitch pattern found in my new pattern Liljelund Revisited has its root in the first book I ever wrote - Noro Book One. It was featured in Merlänna at the bottom of the body and sleeves. I really enjoyed how the fabric of the garment underneath it peeped through and added interest to the garment. It was also logical and fun to knit!

I decided to work the edging as an allover lace pattern in Liljelund which was featured in my book Transitions. The idea came because I wanted to show that even a classic worsted weight wool could look elegant and airy. I think it worked!!

I have continued to develop the pattern using it in several more books as a bold edging in a chevron background. Below are Melo from my Malabrigo One book, Moriches (available as an individual pattern and worked in Heaven's Hand Wool Classic) and Bronté featured in my Poems Reflections book.


The Liljelund Revisited pattern (pictured below) is a narrower version of the original shawl, but the pattern has been revised to make the knitting experience more pleasurable.
There is no breaking of the yarn anymore after the BO's which lends a much better flow to the knitting and eliminates a multitude of ends to weave in at that end!!!
It is available as an individual pattern (Liljelund Revisited), but we have also kitted it (Liljelund Kit) at a good price!! 

Happy knitting!!

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  • I am lookin for the pattern to the latrop bag can you help me please?


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