Two steps forward and three steps back... FB advertising...

Yup. That's how it feels, but worse still, that has actually been my experience. 

Having tried traditional advertising at various times in the course of my 30+ years in our little industry, I had come away with the equivalent of once bitten, twice shy. Early on I realized I had to be creative even in that area of my business and devised and implemented ways of marketing that were new and unique. And worked. I had never tried social media ads though and was curious. So after a long spell of deliberation, I decided to jump into the fray and try some FB advertising on my business page.



I am a strategist. While it might look like I am simply flying by the seat of my pants that is far from the case. I do a lot of analyzing before I jump and then I do a lot of experimenting to test my hypotheses. Instinctively I felt that the 'boost you page' option was not what I was looking for. I do not just want 'likes' for my page, I want to develop my community. I finally decided that I had to just jump in and thrash around for the last bit of the process and one evening I did my first 'boost post' promo. It was fun with all the usual encouragement that one gets from more 'likes' and 'people seeing this post' and I even got one order. It all seemed promising. But what I noticed over the weeks would change my mind. It actually seemed like when I wasn't boosting a post that my organic reach was considerably less than usual. Was this a scheme on the part of FB to force me to advertise to reach my followers?

And then my son sent me this link confirming my findings:

Facebook Fraud

For years I have been slowly gathering followers and fans on my FB pages and have enjoyed the process and the interaction. Until a few weeks ago when FB changed their way of doing things. At first I tried to be a big girl and comfort myself by saying it can't be that bad and that they have a right to run their company the way they want, but I have to admit it has become increasing difficult to maintain a positive attitude. 

I only have a few thousands followers (as compared to the fellow in the video), but I can clearly see the effects that he speaks of in my statistics. I don't think ignoring the situation is the answer, and I am too smart to cultivate a bazillion followers through advertising just to feed their monster!

Enough said... 

Back to square one. And back to one of my favorite pastimes, figuring out another way to do something... :-)

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